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Pricing for Puppies

Pricing is a hard and touchy issue.  We have put a lot of time, love, and money into purchasing and raising healthy pets.  We aren't trying to get rich off breeding doodles.  They are our passion and we couldn't be happier with the joy they have brought our own family and we love being a part of the joy the puppies bring to their family.  There are many backyard breeders who just throw two dogs together and have a litter of puppies without doing any health testing! There is also the issue of how you want your puppy raised....Ours are socialized with families using the program Puppy Culture.  They hear the vacuum, TV, other dogs, outdoor cats, door bells, and our children playing.  The puppies get the attention they need not only from mamma but from the entire family.  We raise puppies how we would desire our own dogs to be raised.

What goes home with your Puppy:​​

Current Pricing

** WE PROUDLY SUPPORT PUBLIC SERVANTS and VETERANS!! We give an additional $100 DISCOUNT for Policeman, Fireman, Teachers, Veterans, and Christian Ministers.  

**We prefer Bank Transfer, but also accept PayPal (2.9% Fee), Credit/Debit Cards (2.9% Fee), Certified Check.  We DO NOT accept personal checks.


We are please to offer financing to our potential families through Terrace Pets. This gives our families the option to make monthly payments on their new puppy without delaying the scheduled go-home day.

If you are are ready for a new puppy, but are not sure you want to use your available funds, our financing option is great solution. You can apply here. All credit profiles are considered.


God continues to bless us with beautiful, healthy puppies, but we have no control over what mothers are able to get pregnant or how many puppies are born in each litter. Our mother dogs are pets first and we limit the amount of litters each mamma has.  

Each breeder we know does deposits, reservations, and pick-up in a little different way.  We try to please our puppies families as much as possible.  Unfortunately, not every family can have the 'pick of the litter.'  Also, each family has different criteria they are looking for in a puppy.  This makes picking puppies a challenge for a puppy family and a breeder.  Hence the multiple ways to govern deposits, reservations, and pick-up processes.  The following is what we have found to please the majority.  Please know as a breeder, we are trying to give the best opportunity to each puppy and each family.  

Waitlist/Application Deposit $50

Reservation Deposit $450 (Sent via QuickBooks invoice link)

Full total of Puppy due on pickup or before