About us

kitalou Doodles

Located in West Texas or the Panhandle of Texas

Lubbock, Texas

Like many, our family is allergic to most shedding dogs. Our first family pet was Kirk Tiberius, our beloved F2b Standard Goldendoodle. We flew him in from South Dakota because we could not find Goldendoodles in our area. Then we added Amber May (Standard Poodle).

We were hooked!!

We love Doodles and Poodles!

Our Standards/Full size dogs are awesome, but became interested in dogs in a 'smaller package.' We started looking into minis or medium doodles and poodles. Along came Mr. Otis Lee (F1 mini Goldendoodle), and River Rose (Moyen or Klein Poodle aka a size of poodle between a miniture and standard).

That's when we decided....... We love these dogs so much we wanted other families to enjoy them too.

We have become a small scale breeder where our dogs are a part of our families and live in our homes. We only breed dogs we would be willing to have in our own home.

So KITALOU DOODLES was born and we literally mean from our home to yours! We are located on a couple acres just outside Lubbock, Texas. Here we raise Goldendoodles, Cavapoos, and occasionally Moyen or Klein Poodles. If you're unfamiliar with these breeds, check out these links.

Cavapoo (Cavadoodle)


Moyen or Klein Poodles